The Restaurant Wait List Management System That Has Caught the Attention of the Savvy Restaurateur

The coolest trend in restaurant and hotel guest services is the move away from traditional restaurant pagers to cell phone pager systems that offer robust wait list or reservation system integrated with voice or text guest paging. No restaurant pager system offers the integration of a reservation or wait list management system along with an optional SMS mobile marketing application all in one solution. Sounds expensive, well it isn’t.

The evolution of the restaurant pager system to a cell phone pager enables patrons to receive a SMS text message or voice messages when a table opens. This eliminates the over head associated with today’s clunky restaurant guest pagers that seemed to constantly walk out the door every week (despite your best efforts), with restaurant cell phone pagers those people waiting for your best tables to avail themselves will receive a text or voice message directly to their mobile phone (with there permission of course).

No need to worry about your current restaurant wait List management system as some of these restaurant text pager system automate your existing restaurant wait list management system perfectly. According to the Blog.SocialMobileTrends chains are testing cell phone based restaurant cell phone pager / wait list management system to replace their manual restaurant wait management system of a grease pen and white board. What attracts restaurant managers to our wait management system is the ability to manage and track the restaurant’s wait list using a cue system that tracks quote time verse wait time, a party description field and an integrated restaurant call a heading seating systems. In the case of popular chain restaurants this is extremely valuable for their high volume locations.

Call-a-heads and walk-ins will not be in competition for your prime tables if you choose the right cell text pager solution that will seamlessly and efficiently enables you to accommodate both with a web hosted restaurant wait list management system. Restaurant’s that want a more efficient way to manage their call a head seating without slowing down their staff’s ability to manage the restaurant’s wait list. They also wanted to avoid purchasing restaurant coaster pagers to manager their wait list. Restaurant coaster pagers can cost upwards to $3000 for the initial system and each restaurant coaster pager can cost more than $70 to replace. A busy restaurant could perceivably go through one or two restaurant coaster pagers per month. That can get pretty costly over 12 months with little to know ROI. Creative solutions using the last trends in technology such as mobile phones can dramatically optimize operations.