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Trip To The Amazon

When you have decided that your vacation this year is going to be spent along with your family members in the Amazon, a professionally organized touring package can offer a wide range of benefits to you. Navigation of the great river with its tributaries spreading its hands all over, only an experienced guide can take the tourist in the right path in such a way that they can make their trip to the Amazon memorable for their lifetime. For enhancing adventurous experience of the tourists, most of the organizers will be sending a guide, who has good knowledge about the culture and ecology of this great river of the world.

The great thing about the Amazon River is that its tributaries flow through eight different nations. The main source of the river is located in Peru and on its way to the Atlantic Ocean located in the northwestern coast of Brazil, the river flows through the Brazilian rainforest. The major tributaries of the river flows through the Guyana, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela and so most of the trip organizers offer the opportunity to the tourists to explore these waters too. Depending on the package selected by the travelers, the Amazon River Cruise might include visit to one country or many countries as well. Generally, these tours begin in one of the larger riverfront cities like Belem or Manaus in Brazil or from Iquitos in Peru. Even some organizers offer transfers by road or air from major hubs like Rio De Janeiro or Lima.

According to a Survey, it was found that one-third of the species in the world is living in the Brazilian Amazon, forests and wildlife are among the important reasons attracting tourists to this wonderful place of the world. When traveling through Amazon River Cruise, there are great chances of people exploring dolphins and their beauty and generally female dolphins are known to be in grey color, while male dolphins are known to be in pink shades. It is believed that some unidentified species are living in this part of the world in the dense forests of Amazon.

A number of vessels are taking tourists to explore the beauty of Amazon River. While smaller vessels travel close to the floor in such a way that people can explore the rainforests, larger cruises offer wider lodging options and they can also accommodate a number of tourists in the same trip. All it takes to enjoy the best trip to the Amazon is selection of the right tour organizer.